At Crosby®, it has been our long time, continuous goal to provide the most comprehensive literature in the industry. We strive to ensure that all the information you need to select the correct product for the job, as well as use it correctly, is readily available.

Whether in print, on DVD or on the internet, the Crosby® General Catalog sets the “World Class” standard for the industry. With a wide variety of product, product drawings, product dimensions and product application information, the Crosby® General Catalog is the only source you need.

Crosby, The Industry Standard...Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow!

To view the Crosby® on-line catalog, select the Product Catalog option from the Catalog drop down menu or simply click on the following link.  The Crosby Catalog. Our catalog is best viewed in Internet Explorer®.

Contact your Local Authorized Crosby Distributor or email us at to request a hard copy of our print catalog.  Please include your mailing address for processing.